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FishNotes is your ultimate fishing app!


As seen on Jimmy Houston Outdoors, Sportsmanslife and Basswest magazines.

Have you ever had a day where you couldn't catch a thing, yet you could see fish everywhere? Why on some days you do great and other days you can't catch any fish? Where the fish are biting near you? What time of the day or night is better for fishing? What bait should you use or water depth should to be in?

These are questions that anglers have scratched there heads for years. Many have kept journals and logs depicting basic information about their catch to better understand where the fish are and how to catch more. But these paper logs get lost, ripped, wet and forgotten back at home. A quick search on the web and you will find dozens of fishing logs and journaling programs that do the same thing as a paper log would. Nothing more, nothing less.

FishNotes is your ultimate fishing app!

Buy FishNotes now and see for yourself!

    -Instantly see what bait you and others use in your area.
    -Connected fishing community. Know where the fish are biting while your fishing!
    -Locate recent fish catches near your location.
    -View Solunar tables and Major/Minor feeding times.
    -Real-time weather capture and 5 day forecasts for any location.
    -Water conditions such as tide, temp, clarity, structure and bottom are recorded.
    -Anticipates your selection and pre-populates so you can get back to fishing.
    -Remote backup of all fishing reports, video, audio and photos to ensure
     your records are never lost.
    -Full portability of you’re data to other smart phone platforms and exporting
      your records to a file.
    -Create fishing reports that can be shared while on the water, in real-time to Twitter,
     Facebook, YouTube, SMS and email.
    -Your account on FishNotes.com allows you access your data from anywhere
     and at anytime from any computer.
    -Record video, take photos and audio notes for your fishing reports.
    -Fully searchable interface to locate fish by location, species, date and proximety and
     view them on Google Maps.
    -Designed for both freshwater and saltwater.
    -Works in offshore conditions and other weak and no signal areas.

Jimmy Houston’s FishNotes will help you catch more fish!

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This App is quick, simple and easy to use! I fish all over the place and this is so cool! I can record everything on my fishing trips and keep it all backed up online. I can't wait to show my buddies all my catches!
by stripers@HB

As an avid So. Cal fisherman this is a great tool that will be with me anyways so no need to worry about carrying extra stuff. To be able to document all this info and be able to retrieve it is something I have always wanted as a fisherman, no more having to bs my fishing stories. Thanks for a great fishing app.
DR. Palestinian

Awesome app. Like being able to keep a fish log and not carry a note pad Also like the weather updates and best fishing times on the updated version good tool for anybody who fishes.

This app is awesome. I love being able to record the lure i used and compare it to the weather. Before i would use an excel spreadsheet as a fish journal. Those days are long gone.
-Bass slayer1

Excellent app. Love the fishing reports and backup feature. Spot on accurate. I'm recommending to everybody in the tournament.
-Mary H.

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